Aenos Environmental Center

Aenos Environmental Center is located in the Core of the National Park and has been designated as a protected monument (Government Gazette Issue 682 /Α /20.09.1999).

Figure 1. Aenos Enviromental Center and view from the balcony


Inside the building except other rooms there are (i) an interesting exhibition on the natural environment of the National Park, (ii) a place for lectures, presentations and seminars and (iii) a small library.

The Supervision/Guard personnel of N.E.C.C.A., which is responsible for the protection and management of the National Park, works in the National Park on a daily basis. Following the provision of a special permit from the Municipality of Argostoli , who is the owner of the Environmental Center, groups and scholars or scientists studying Aenos National Park may be accommodated in the rooms of the Center. From the balcony of the building, guests can admire the wonderful view to Argostoli, Lixouri and the peninsula of Paliki.

Figure 2. The Environmental exhibition

The issues discussed in the context of environmental education relate particular abiotic and biotic characteristics to the value of the National Park ecosystems and the pressures and threats that these habitats receive. The purpose of these activities is to make citizens aware of the need for protection and respect of the protected area.

Figure 3. The Environmental exhibition