Collaboration Bodies/Links

The Kefalonia-Ithaca Geopark has set as its goal its declaration as a UNESCO Global Geopark. The main objective of the Geopark from its participation in European and Global Geopark Networks is the protection of the geodiversity of Kefalonia & Ithaca, in combination with the sustainable development of the two islands. Particular attention will be given to the well-being of the people who live and work in the wider area of Kefalonia and Ithaca, i.e. the people of the primary sector, the people of tourism and the citizens of the two islands in general, in order to achieve this objective. The Geopark seeks cooperation with local institutions, universities, research institutes, as well as with other geoparks, with many of which it has signed Memoranda of Understanding. Priority areas for cooperation include exchange of expertise, ways to develop ecotourism, protection and monitoring of the geo-environment, mitigation of climate change impacts, sustainable development of island protected areas, etc.

List of Collaborating Bodies:

  1. Kefalonia and Ithaca Hotel Association
  2. Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Kefalonia & Ithaca -
  3. Beekeeping Association of Kefalonia and Ithaca -
  4. Corgialenio Foundation Kefalonia and Ithaca -
  5. Chelmos-Vouraikos Management Body – Chelmos-Vouraikos UNESCO Global Geopark -
  6. Travel management service Ainos Travel -
  7. Travel management service Katsouris Travel -
  8. Cultural Association ‘o palios’ - (2) Πάλιος Πολιτιστικό Σωματείο |
  9. Region of Ionian Islands -
  10. Municipality of Argostoli -
  11. Municipality of Lixouri -
  12. Municipality of Sami -
  13. Municipality of Ithaca -
  15. Horologion Workshop of Kefalonia -