Local products

The insular relief of Kefalonia-Ithaca Geopark is characterized by mountains, karst valleys and lakes, fertile plains in loose clay sediments and valleys of the “fjord” type forming inlets and bays, to constitute a landscape of highly diverse features. Kefalonia and Ithaca insular habitats host rich biodiversity, translated into an increased variety of the local quality products. Fruits and vegetable, olive oil, wine, honey, dairy, fishery and livestock products of high quality and nutritional value are produced thanks to the microclimate and favorable soil conditions, and are inextricably linked to the culinary traditions of the islands. Consequently, they represent the key components of the cultural identity and heritage of the Geopark, which preserve local knowledge and local culture.

The primary productive sector is important for the economy and employment, the healthy Mediterranean diet and the quality preservation of the natural environment. Environmentally friendly and innovative new technologies and techniques are used in order to optimize the use of resources which supports the sustainable production of low ecological footprint and increases products added value. Actions that highlight the geographical area of origin (PDO, PGI) and the production methods which lead to the particular taste and quality characteristics of the products, may further contribute to their promotion and connection with the tourism industry. (The Products of Kefalonia - Ithaca Geopark (2021) Management Body of Aenos National Park Editions)





  • Kefalonian honey with thyme and wild flowers, Nick. Gasparinatou - Lourandou
  • Kefalonian honey with thyme and wild flowers, Spyridoula Baltsavia - Laskaratou 
  • “Athlos” honey with thyme,   Beekeepers Association of Kefalonia and Ithaca 




     The Products of the Olive Groove of the Geopark 


          Olive oil

  • "Liocharis" olive oil
  • Μount Ainos extra virgin organic olive oil
  • Kritonou extra virgin organic olive oil




          Local handmade products 


  • "Elitiko" traditional farm






    The Products of the Vineyard of the Geopark 



  • Orealios GAEA- Vine growers of Robola
  • Haritatos Vineyard
  • Sclavos Wines
  • Gentilini Winery & Vineyards










       Products derived from the Fruit Trees of the Geopark 


          Traditional delicacies


  • "Mavroeidis pastry shops", Lixouri
  • “Voskopoula” traditional delicacies, Argostoli
  • "Μandola" Linardatos Brothers' pastry shop, Argostoli






      Wild Plants 


         Organic-Medicinal Herbs

  • Organic - Medicinal Herbs and Traditional Products from Kefalonia, Kalon Oros Estate





         Traditional handiwork and embroidery using the fibers of the century plant Agave americana


  • Harokopio Workshop for Kefalonian Women and Girls 



Traditional handmade handiwork



      Dairy products


  • Tzorztatos Kefalonian dairy products
  • Stamoulis Meat and dairy